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Chairperson's message

When Kothari Starz, a dream project of Mr. Deepak Kothari was handed over to me for overseeing the operations, I was both excited and nervous. Firstly nervous for it needed extraordinary commitment to a mission for providing the very best care to those young children and standing up to parental aspirations.

But the excitement that has come of a challenge overshadowed my fears. The team I have put in believed in what we aspired to give.

Today, we have at Kothari Starz the true foster parent educators who help children develop positive social skills and values and learn while engaged in age-appropriate play, projects and activities.

I invite you to visit the campus with your child and experience the safe and caring environment.

When you choose Kothari Starz, I promise that you have chosen the right place for your loved one.

Ms. Arti Kothari


Ms. Arti Kothari