About Us



As an interested grandparent, I visited my grandchildren at their prep schools. I saw them as care centers where children were fed, comforted and put to nap with occasional wiping of their nose or changing the diapers. That was long ago.

Today’s young parents hugely educated parents see that Child Care providers are no longer can just be baby sitters.

Parents want programs to bring educational value. Early education is about true child development and learning centers providing structured curriculums and educational programs. When I commissioned the team of educators, my brief to them was to provide a curriculum that reflects global accepted standards of learning for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We have it all now at Kothari Starz, a dream project located in the campus of Kothari International School, Noida.

We have received great appreciation for not only the care but for the efforts that we have put in for making the child preschool ready. I assure of professional and dedicated team in place to nurture and educate infants, preschool and school-age children at day care through a wide-range of programs.

We have built an exclusive infrastructure that has all the facilities including the Da Vinci Studio where children would be engaged to explore.

I welcome you to Kothari Starz and assure you of our commitment to every child entrusted to our care.

Mr. Deepak Kothari