What are the various programs?

Daycare, Gymnastics, Activity Centre

What is the significance of Early Child Education?

Research shows that up to 50% of a child's ability to learn develops by the age of 5. Proper playschool educational ensures an environment for this growth to take place. According to the US Department Of Education, playschool plays a large role in later academic success. Children in high quality playschools display better language, cognitive, and social skills than children who attended low quality programs. They have longer attention spans, stronger social abilities, and better language and math skills well into their elementary school careers, and are better performers in college as well as life.

What are the various Programs that Kothari Starz runs?

We run four sections which are developed for successive age groups as follows –

  • Toddler- 18 Months - 2 Years
  • Play School – 2 Years to 3 Years

How well-rounded is the program?

  • It is never too early to expose your child to a variety of ways he or she can learn and grow. We know that children learn in different modalities but most playschool aged children enjoy hands-on experiences manipulating concrete objects.
  • Our developmental approach is based on the concept of a “purposeful environment.” Our teachers integrate the diverse skills and knowledge needed to create an environment where concepts are addressed in meaningful ways for children.
  • We respect each child’s own abilities and pace of understanding. All programs will work to meet each child’s individual developmental path, building on their interests, and strengths to create a meaningful curriculum that fosters’ learning and growth.
  • We are intentional with the opportunities offered to children and provide a curriculum and environment that help our students be socially and academically ready for formal school.

Is there any entry level screening for the kids or the parents?

We do not conduct any screening as the criteria for selection. The children and parents do not go through any tests.

Does the playschool offer escorted transportation or immediate medical assistance?

There is a certified full time resident Nurse at the campus also having a well-equipped wellness room where children can be treated. In case of emergency, the child will be taken to the nearest Hospital.

What are arrangements for ensuring child protection and safety?

We have implemented ‘Child Protection Policy’ at Kothari Starz. There are Vigilance female governesses. We have done police verification of our all support staff. Also the complete premise is under CCTV surveillance.

What is the student teacher ratio?

Its 2 Teachers & 1 Support Staff for 12 Kids per class.